Real Estate Agents/Homeowners


You are here because you are listing a home in Madison Park, or assisting a future neighbor in the purchase of a home.  We are providing this information to make this process easier for all involved, whether buying or selling a home.


Madison Park has a Sign Policy which includes the following: For Rent, For Sale, For Sale by Owner, to be placed in front of the home.  We have provided the sign information and approved vendor for Madison Park signage at the link below.  No temporary Signage is allowed by any agent or homeowner.  Balloons, etc. are not permitted, nor signs at the front entrance of the neighborhood.  Only the approved sign/frame is allowed.   

Click HERE to Download the Sign Standards

Selling or Buying

Madison Park Homeowners Association, Inc.  Assessments are due on a semi-annual basis.  You may obtain the status of the owner’s financial obligations for closing purposes by contacting our Assistant Treasurer:  Meemie Lohmueller,, (919) 602-2075.

Should you have other questions, you are welcome to contact any Madison Park HOA board member.


Dale Pascoe, President, MP HOA,