Dear New Neighbors,

On behalf of Madison Park, welcome to our community!  We know you will be delighted to call our neighborhood home.  Over the coming months, we look forward to meeting you – whether strolling down the neighborhood sidewalks or at a neighborhood cocktail gathering.

Your “Welcome Packet” information is in the private section of this website.  We no longer print this information.  This section is labeled “MP HOA” on our homepage, and you can obtain the password from any neighbor or board member. 

Interesting information will include architectural committee requirements and processes, bylaws, covenants and guidelines governing Madison Park, and our telephone directory.  Our “FAQ” and “NEWS” sections will provide helpful information as well.  Of course, contact any MP HOA board member with additional questions or concerns.

The neighborhood has a Facebook page for neighbors to share “social” items of interest, news and activities.  Our administrators will gladly add you to the page when you are ready (contact information in the “MP HOA” section).

Again, welcome to our community!

Madison Park Homeowners Association

Dale Pascoe

Board of Directors
Dale Pascoe – President
Rob Peyton – Vice President
Crawford Williams - Treasurer
Paul Hudson – Secretary

Jennifer Huggard - Member
Ann Lowery - Member
Lanier Cansler - Member

Architectural Review Committee
Rob Peyton - Chair
Ann Lowery

Landscape Committee
Donna Falkner - Chair
Jackie Hudson
Jennifer Huggard
Linda Povlich

Maintenance Committee
Richard Weale - Chair

Cocktail Group
Jennifer Huggard
Jan Ammons
Audrey Wrenn